Work of Conrado Colnaghi.
Currently Design Director at Vertic, New York – USA.

A collection of my commercial and personal work.
They were built in collaboration with amazing human beings all around the world.

Setting goals and achievements to trips can be a fun way to explore and get yourself to do different and exciting activities that you might not normally pursue.

Concept for Arcade.
Commission, New York – USA.

Making sure that the patient’s stories were being heard was our priority to make a difference in the healthcare industry and achieve the brand’s new ambition.

Website for CSL and CSL Behring.
Design Director at Vertic, New York – USA.

SAP Ariba is rethinking how work gets done in this new digital economy. How you manage your supply chain – your supplier relationships, your transactions, the business you need to do with your suppliers – is no exception.

Website for SAP Ariba.
Design Director at Vertic, New York – USA.

Big, fun and accessible – helping the biggest energy provider in Scandinavia lead their brand into the future while keeping connected with their vast audience.

Website for Vattenfall.
Sr Designer at Designit, Stockholm – Sweden.

Glitchy and obscure while keeping it techy and savvy. The world through different lenses.

Brand exploration & Website for 0+X.
Sr Designer at C/Mind, Stockholm – Sweden.

Air pollution is a serious hazard and keeping people safe isn't easy, but challenge is what moves brands who really care.

Website for Airinum.
Sr Designer at C/Mind, Stockholm – Sweden.

A small study on how we can be so different from one another. People who were born the same day, same city, same hospital and how they turned out to be their own antithesis based on their background.

Website for Antítese.
Commission, São Paulo – Brazil.

Sex is fun, and being protected should be too. Take care of your genitals like you use to care for your tamagotchi.

Website for Stimulator.
Commission, São Paulo – Brazil.

The way we interact with money is changing, and reimagining the retail experience is one of the greatest challenges of today.

App concept for Huawei.
Sr Designer at Designit, Stockholm – Sweden.

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Thank you all who made it happen.
Always a pleasure collaborating with great people.